Leveraging Peer Groups


If you’re thinking of starting and/or facilitating a Peer or Learning Group – Congratulations. It’s a powerful tool. They produce amazing results. And they can be transformational in scope. When done correctly, the upside is unlimited. Members learn. Members leverage. Members challenge. And most important, members tap into the strengths, experiences and insights of each other, without boundaries.

When done poorly however, it can be a different story. Groups tend to play it safe. They unknowingly establish boundaries. They become guarded. And in the end, they can be ineffective.

What’s the difference?

The difference can be tied directly to member composition, group tools and processes utilized and facilitation methods used.

Is there a means to ensure group success?

The BeBRAVE framework ensures group success. BeBRAVE sets the foundation for what’s expected and can be expected. BeBRAVE provides the tools essential to setting group norms and creating psychological safety. BeBRAVE provides an effective facilitation strategy that keeps groups engaged and learning.

The BeBRAVE framework simply provides the tools, insights and processes essential to peer group and learning group success.