What is BeBRAVE

BeBRAVE is an acronym that stands for Belonging, FeedBack, Respect, Altruism, Vulnerability and Encouragement. Inside a purposeful Peer Group or Learning Group, each trait is understood, shared and leveraged. How a group establishes these characteristics incorporates additional areas related to creating group norms, to facilitation techniques, to utilizing various tools with the group.

Following are a series of videos that introduces you to the BeBRAVE Framework. EAch video is just 3 - 6 minutes in duration. Enjoy.


Why BeBRAVE is foundational when working with Groups

Creating a sense of Belonging in groups and why it's important

How feedBack in Groups Develops Self & Leaders

Why Respect trumps Trust in Small Groups

How to Develop Altruism in Emergent Leaders

Vulnerability and how it impacts group performance

Encouragement - A factor in peer group performance