360 Degree Review Directions

This version of the Nine Box 2.0 Coachability series is the self-assessment component for a full 360 Degree Review, and is used in combination with the Multi-Rater Coachability Survey. The Nine Box 2.0 360 Degree Review provides important insight into an individual’s Coachability, specifically as relates to Responsiveness to Feedback and Performance. 

The Performance Assessment component focuses on four primary behaviors that can be observed and objectively measured. These being:

  1. Effective prioritization skills
  2. Well-defined goals – both short and long term
  3. Shares success with his or her team members
  4. Is able to accomplish tasks under varying conditions

The Responsiveness to Feedback Assessment component focuses on four primary behaviors, these being: 

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Openness to feedback
  3. Learns from experiences
  4. Open to learning and applying new skills

The Nine Box 2.0 360 Degree Review is a tool that achieves numerous objectives:

  1. The assessment helps evaluate the Coachability quotient of an individual.
  2. The assessment provides an understanding of current state and enables a framework for how to move forward.
  3. The assessment encourages an open dialogue during the review process.

About the Nine Box 2.0 Personal Coachability Assessment 

A. The assessment contains 20 statements related to Feedback and 20 statements related to Performance. Each statement is answered utilizing a 4-point Likert scale.

B. The assessment takes approximately 5-minutes to complete. Individuals are encouraged not to overthink the statements – they should simply work through each using their gut feel or intuition.

C. The assessment will help reveal areas related to personal drive, how they receive feedback and assist in identifying opportunities for personal growth.

Reviewing Results

A 360 Degree Review is commonly used tool. It’s not perfect, yet can generate valuable insight. While the raw data can produce interesting insight, it’s the gap between self and the average score of others on individual statements or the aggregate scores for Performance and Feedback that provides insight and can lead to personal growth. Therefore, reviewing a 360 Degree Review with an employee is strongly recommended, even if they didn’t receive a positive recommendation. 

Upon completion, the assessment is returned to the administrator (the individual taking the assessment will keep the 4-page folder – they should bring this to the review). The administrator will tally the scores and place them into the Nine Box 2.0 (it’s recommended to only use the average score from the Multi-Rater Survey and the self-score from the 360 Degree Review). Discussing the gap between these 2-points lets the employee know where they excelled and where opportunities for growth could occur. This will also help the employee understand their contributions, and help reinforce positive behaviors.