Coachability Q & A

CoachabilityCoaching’s popularity is growing exponentially. Today, it’s being utilized in leadership development, career development, transitions and host of other areas. Despite its growing use, a misperception is commonly present. This being, anyone can benefit from coaching. While on the surface, a personal coach may believe this; in reality it’s a misnomer. In simple terms, some people are more receptive to and would benefit more from coaching than others, and a few are simply uncoachable. This raises an interesting and often overlooked question. Can we identify individuals that would benefit from coaching? 

The answer is “Yes.” It’s referred to as Coachability. Coachability is simply a willingness to receive feedback and thereby learn how to do things better. Fortunately, since Coachability is observable, it can therefore be measured.

Is there a tool that can assess for Coachability?  

Yes, the Nine Box 2.0 – Coachability Assessment is a tool that is easy to implement and straightforward to interpret. Plus, the report out with a potential coachee closely mirrors an actual coaching session, which makes it great for starting a coaching relationship. There are 3-versions available; an Individual Assessment, a Multi-Rater Survey and the 360Degree Review.

What does the Nine Box 2.0 measure?

The Nine Box 2.0 Assessment measures two factors correlated to Coachability, Performance and Responsiveness to Feedback. By assessing these two factors, one obtains a predictable snapshot of an individual’s Coachability quotient: Low, Medium or High. 

CoachabilityWhy 2-factors instead of just 1?

The first step in measuring Coachability relates to Responsiveness to Feedback. This is the essence of a coaching relationship. Competing assessments tend to only measure this single dimension. However, Responsiveness to Feedback is only half the equation. We have worked with numerous individuals that respond well to feedback, but they don’t translate that information into action. In essence, being open to feedback without action suggests an individual might also be uncoachable. This is why the Nine Box 2.0 Suite of Coachability Assessments incorporates a performance component.

How is the Nine Box 2.0 Assessment Delivered?

Initially, the assessment is a paper survey that contains 20 statements related to Performance and 20 statements related to Responsiveness to Feedback. Each statement is answered utilizing a 4-point Likert scale. An assessment takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. In the near future, an electronic version will be made available.

Does the Nine Box 2.0 benefit the Coach – Coachee relationship?

Assessments can be a valued conversation starter; such is the case with the Nine Box 2.0. The Nine Box 2.0 encourages self-awareness and communication. Openness and forthrightness in a coachee-coach relationship is the starting point for personal growth and enhanced performance. Utilizing an assessment is a great first step in this direction.

Can the Nine Box 2.0 help close more business?

Assessments that are simple to execute (especially in the moment) can be a powerful sales tool. In the case of the Nine Box 2.0, it moves an initial conversation away from a traditional sales interview process, and toward a coaching conversation. When this occurs, sales metrics improve significantly. 

The Nine Box 2.0 simply changes how the conversation is conducted, making it feel and look more productive, engaging and proactive. Yes, more like an actual coaching conversation.

What’s the cost?

The Nine Box 2.0 Surveys and Assessments are cost effective and easy to administer. The cost for the Individual Assessment is just $15. The Multi-Rater Survey version is just $40, which includes 5 Multi-Rater surveys. And a full 360 Degree Review (5 Multi-Rater Surveys and a 360 Degree Review assessment) is just $55. (prices reference the 5-Pack option, single assessments are slightly higher)

Do I need to go through training to have access to the Nine Box 2.0 Coachability Toolset?

We have made the process and directions easy to follow and implement. For this reason, formal training is not required. In addition, we’re continually adding to our library of resource materials, which can be accessed globally.

How do I order?

Simply go to the Products tab on the Growing Your Leaders website where you’ll find the Nine Box 2.0 Coachability tools. They’re available as single assessments or 5-packs.

Is there a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Yes, the Nine Box 2.0 Assessment comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

Does Growing Your Leaders offer other tools?

Our signature tool is Peer Insight, a group coaching tool that is gaining broad acceptance in the marketplace. This tool provides the framework and methodology to provide group coaching to your clients.