Using Peer Insight in Group Coaching

1. Peer Insight - A Group Coaching Tool
2. Peer Insight Saves Time & Money
3. The Peer Insight BeBRAVETM Framework
4. The 1 – 3 – 1 . . . Group Coaching Hybrid
5. The Peer Insight Certification Process

Peer InsightPeer Insight - A Group Coaching Tool
Peer Insight is a group coaching tool that leverages the wisdom of the group (i.e. 8 – 12 participants) to generate profound personal and professional development in its participants. It uses a card game-like facilitation method that challenges participants to explore their responses to randomly selected, thought-provoking statements on a given topic.  Peer Insight participants then engage in reflection and goal-setting activities that further solidify the learnings generated throughout the program. 

Peer Insight has over 10 Development Tracks and 50+ Topics to choose from.

Peer Insight Saves Time & Money
In the coaching profession, tools and processes tend to serve three functions; they increase a coach’s effectiveness, time efficiency and credibility with an organization.  For instance, when catering to the needs of numerous participants in a group coaching construct, coaches have less room for trial and error. A misstep while working with a single client may be easily overlooked. In a group coaching construct however, it can easily become an unproductive sticking point. To avoid unproductive sessions, group coaches should use tools that have been proven in the marketplace. 

The second role of a coach’s tools is to enhance their time and earning potential. If you’re a coach, your impact and earning potential is constrained by time. Tools or processes that improve time effectiveness (especially as relates to preparation time) will likely improve financial results. In addition, coaches commonly find that being trained and certified in a specific tool enhances their earning potential by increasing their level of visibility and credibility in the marketplace.

Group coaches find that Peer Insight delivers on each count.

  • Peer Insight generates rich and engaging dialogue with its’ group members. Plus, the process efficiently manages group dynamics. Peer Insight’s structure enables the group coach to easily facilitate the discussion, thereby enhancing group and member satisfaction.
  • The Peer Insight tool virtually eliminates the time a group coach would normally spend preparing for a group coaching session. Peer Insight achieves this by building the expert-knowledge into each topic deck, while incorporating a defined process to facilitate discussions.
  • When a group coach adds Peer Insight to their toolset, they have an opportunity to deliver a program their clients recognize for its quality, consistency and effectiveness. 

Peer InsightThe Peer Insight BeBRAVETM Framework
Groups provide an exceptional framework for personal and professional growth. Early in the development of our Peer Insight methodology, we realized that highly functioning groups were special. They were serious, yet experienced frequent bouts of laughter. Participants weren’t shy about sharing best practices, but were also open to discussing their vulnerabilities. They told stories, and prepared to receive open and honest feedback as well.  In short, we realized that these groups had the ability to BeBRAVETM

By leveraging this elemental need, group coaching provides connectedness, belonging and shared purpose for its members. When people feel like they belong, learning occurs seamlessly and dynamically. Many even call it transformational.

In a group coaching session, participants learn how to provide and receive feedback in a safe, yet challenging environment. The process of providing feedback is powerful for both the giver and the recipient. 

Respect for a participant is indispensable to their personal growth. When members of a group respect each other, participants are more willing to share thoughts, feelings and fears in front of others. 

The ability to help someone else is an incredibly empowering act. Group coaching provides participants multiple opportunities to be of service to others. The presence of altruism sets off a virtuous cycle that increases the entire group’s development exponentially.

Vulnerability, although difficult to teach, is possible to develop in a good group coaching environment. Practicing vulnerability in a small group prepares participants to be vulnerable in their personal and professional lives. 

Whether you are just becoming a leader or are honing existing skills, the process is tough road to walk down; the only way to navigate that road well is to encourage and be encouraged by others. In a group coaching environment, participants learn to encourage in two ways: first, they learn how to give the gift of encouragement to others; second, they learn how to receive it.

The Peer Insight Group Coaching format is the only program to instill the BeBRAVETM Model across its portfolio of topics and related support materials.

Peer InsightThe Peer Insight Group Coaching Hybrid
The Peer Insight Group Coaching Hybrid is a relatively new process in the coaching marketplace. It integrates the inherent strengths of group coaching with that of individual coaching. The hybrid model is simple and highly flexible, able to meet the specific needs of each client. The process includes:

1 - Individual Coaching Sessions: Each group member has an initial coaching session prior to the first group meeting. This session covers areas related to goal setting, personal growth opportunities and other topics relevant for an individual coaching session. Subsequent coaching sessions can occur at regular intervals, typically every 3 -4 months. These sessions focus on what the participant has learned or any special challenges/opportunities they’re facing. Time: 30 – 60 minutes per session

3 – Group Coaching Tracks: Peer Insight group coaching sessions are generally delivered monthly, and are structured around development Tracks. Each Track like the Self Awareness or Soft Skills Track is comprised of 6-topics that supports personal and professional growth. Experience has shown that this methodology provides deep levels of learning and adoption by participants.   Time: 90 – 120 minutes per session 

1 – Final Individual Coaching Session: A final coaching session happens after the group’s last meeting. This session is used to recap progress made, address any unresolved issues or questions, or discuss the next step for a client. If an assessment were provided, discussing the results would be appropriate. Time: 30 – 60 minutes per session

The Hybrid Group Coaching model brings together the unique benefits individual coaching and group coaching can each offer a client. Plus, it provides a coach an excellent opportunity to extend their value to an organization. 

Peer InsightThe Peer Insight Certification Process
Group coaching is an effective, and powerful learning forum. Peer Insight in the hands of a trained implementer, can take your group coaching practice to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness. For this reason, we require Peer Insight implementers to be certified in the tool and the methodology behind it. 

In addition to learning about the Peer Insight tool, the training goes deeper, covering areas like: 

  • Group Dynamics: Why it’s important and how to leverage it
  • Operating Agreements: How to create and enforce them
  • Facilitation Skills: What are sound facilitation skills and how to develop them
  • Group Structure: How to create groups that are balanced and safe
  • Dysfunctional Member: How to manage a member that may not be a good fit
  • The BeBRAVETM Model: How to use it to advance group effectiveness
  • Team vs. Group Coaching: Why they’re different

The Peer Insight Certification program covers everything from the most effective way to use the tool, to the science behind why Peer Insight works. This ensures that every Certified Peer Insight Coach delivers the “Wow” factor participants expect, and the results their clients demand. 


If you’re interested in being a Certified Peer Insight Implementer, call Rod Johnson at 651-315-7775 or email