Peer Insight Endorsement

Peer Insight Implementer Training 

If you have a background and passion to support the development of our next generation of leaders, you’ll want to become a Peer Insight Implementer. It’s an opportunity to make a difference, while using the most innovative and effective Talent & Leadership Development Tool on the market. It’s a perfect way to leverage your skills.

Who should attend?
OD, HR, L&D Consultants & Executive Coaches looking to deepen their relationships with clients.

What is Peer Insight?
Peer Insight is a set of cutting-edge tools and methodologies that create profound self-awareness, while providing an environment for personal growth and development. Peer Insight can also be used for team-building exercises, departmental meetings or corporate retreats. 

Why become a Certified Peer Insight Implementer? 

  • Provides a continuous learning platform to leverage with your clients. 
  • Helps deepen the trust and productivity in the groups you facilitate.
  • Enhances your value by helping develop our next generation of leaders.
  • Compliments other tools you may already be using.
  • Provides an opportunity to deliver sustainable training programs that are adaptable to their company’s strategic objectives.


  • How to conduct effective Peer Insight meetings and retreats.
  • How to integrate the Peer Insight toolset with other tools.
  • How to use Peer Insight to address a specific organizational challenge.
  • Best practice leveraging with a diverse group of progressive peers.
  • Ideas for integrating innovative coaching into your business.  
  • How Peer Insight can positively influence engagement and culture.


  • Hands on implementation and instruction. 
  • Role playing with Peers for real-time feedback and group input on tough situations. 
  • Effective facilitation methods.


  • How to introduce Peer Insight to clients or stakeholders.
  • How to grow a sustainable Peer Insight client base.

How do I Can I Become Trained in the Peer Insight Tool
Join other professionals for a 1-day Peer Insight Training Event. For more information go to or contact Rod Johnson at 651-436-3962.