Peer Insight Connects Content to Context

How many Peer Insight Topic Decks are there?  50+ Peer Insight Topic Decks are available to leverage in your organization with topics as far ranging as leadership, to transportation, to soft skills development (see current Peer Insight Topics list here). Plus we’re adding new topic decks on a regular basis. Due to the diversity of topics, Peer Insight is one of the most versatile learning and development tools on the market.

What is the Basic Structure for a Peer Insight Topic Deck?  Each Peer Insight Deck contains 2 card types. The first type being: the “Praise or Concern” cards. The 16-cards in this deck have a variation of “I have a Praise about…” or “I have a Concern about…” imprinted on each card.

The 2nd card type is the Topic Card. The Topic Card deck contains 30 topic specific cards, with each card containing a unique statement that can be answered as a Praise or Concern. For instance from Agility Topic deck are 3 – Topic Card statements:

  • my ability to solve problems and achieve goals with others
  • my ability to assertively and productively manage conflict
  • my openness to listen to the other side of the story when it relates to a conflict I have

When these two cards are combined, 60 possible statement combinations are produced. Utilizing this structure, participants share stories, experiences and best practices, creating a Context Rich learning environment where everyone likes to learn. Plus, since the intelligence is built into the Peer Insight methodology, a facilitator, trainer or coach is able to guide group discussions across a variety of topics without being a subject matter expert.

Can Peer Insight be combined with other training materials?  Yes, Peer Insight can be combined with other training materials and programs. For instance, organizations frequently provide training initiatives around Diversity. Intellectually, students get it. However, they struggle with embracing it in their day-to-day activities. By utilizing the Peer Insight Diversity topic deck on the back end, students obtain a much deeper and emotional connection to the subject matter, and how to apply it.

By simply, incorporating Peer Insight as a part of a training initiative, a new and exciting dimension to Content Rich training emerges. We refer to this as “Connecting Content to Context.”

 What can you tell me about Peer Insight?

  • Peer Insight is easy to learn and implement inside any organization.
  • Peer Insight delivers consistent results under varied conditions.
  • Peer Insight easily connects content to context in a training initiative.
  • Peer Insight creates an inclusive group environment where everyone participates.
  • Peer Insight creates a rich learning environment for personal and professional growth.
  • Peer Insight is engaging, fun and consistently receives high marks for effectiveness from students and trainers alike.
  • Peer Insight is affordable and can be easily scaled across an organization.
  • Peer Insight can be used for team-building exercises, departmental meetings or corporate retreats.

Can Peer Insight be used to develop soft skills?  The development of soft skills tends to be a challenging development initiative, especially among those with a hard skills mindset. Fortunately, the Peer Insight methodology is up to the task and is highly effective. For instance, David Rock of the NeuroLeadership Institute stated in the INC Magazine article, How Neuro Science Will Make You a Better Leader. In the article, David Rock states:

The active ingredient to large-scale behavior change is facilitating insight in social situations over time. Research points to the importance of the a three-step process seeing something different in a social setting, having an insight about that behavior, and making these types of connections over time. Insight to action causes change. If you have those insights and discuss them in a social setting, you are more likely to want to change.

The Peer Insight methodology closely aligns with this framework.

  • Peer Insight creates a social setting that is safe and supportive
  • Peer Insight encourages reflection that creates connections over time.
  • Peer Insight embraces insights to be openly discussed in a social setting.
  • Peer Insight provides a support environment where people want to and are encouraged to change.

If you’re looking for a highly effective and affordable soft skills development tool, Peer Insight may be your solution.

Do I need to go through training prior to using Peer Insight?  Yes, a 1-day training session is required. These programs are held several times per year in Minneapolis, MN and are also available onsite to U.S. clients (some conditions apply). Upon completion, you can purchase Peer Insight products, including Topic Decks and Workbooks.

 The cost for training is $500.00 per person. If an organization would like to put multiple individuals through training at the same time, group discounts are available.

 To learn more, simply email for more information about times, dates and locations.

 What are the costs for the Peer Insight materials?  The price of each topic deck is $59.00. Although the workbooks aren’t mandatory, we encourage everyone to use them, since they enhance the stickiness of a training initiative. To encourage their use, we’ve developed an attractive pricing structure that can fit inside any training or development budget. Here it is:

1X Peer Insight Workbook                           $6.00 each

            (quantities of 25)                               $5.00 each

6X Peer Insight Workbook                           $30.00 each

(equivalent to 6 – 1X Workbooks)

            (quantities of 10)                             $24.00 each

Is Peer Insight available in a digital format?  No, at the present time we do not have a plug-and-play digital solution available. However, we have a solution that is easily deployed available when working with remote employees. These solutions are presented in the Peer Insight training session.

 Are custom Peer Insight topic decks available?  Yes, if you have a specific need for a custom Peer Insight topic deck, we can work with you on a solution. A custom topic deck generally runs from $1500 to $3,000, depending on specific needs.