Peer Insight Training

Peer Insight TrainingHave you ever pondered what’s the best way to develop those important soft skills in employees with a hard skills mindset? Ever struggled creating a leadership development program that produces consistent results? Are you wondering how to make your training initiatives more engaging, fun and impactful?

 If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I encourage you to attend an upcoming Peer Insight training session. Due to popular demand, we're adding new sessions on a regular basis. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to become trained in how to use this powerful tool to support and develop your next generation of leaders.

 Our one-day training sessions are generally held at Normandale College in Bloomington, MN. We can also do an onsight program for your organization (inquire regarding specifics). Limited seating is available so reserve your spot.

 Peer Insight Training is designed to give you the tools you need to:

  1. Connect the content a participant learned in a traditional training program with the context of how to leverage it in their job– we refer to it as Connecting Content to Context.
  2. Effectively develop soft skills in employees with a hard skills mindset – this is a significant problem most organizations face and struggle with.
  3. Develop leadership skills successfully and efficiently – this is huge challenge facing organizations today.

Plus, Peer Insight can be leveraged across an organization:

  • It’s easy to learn and implement inside any organization.
  • Delivers consistent results under varied conditions.
  • Creates a rich learning environment for personal and professional growth.
  • It’s engaging, fun and consistently receives high marks for effectiveness.
  • It’s affordable and can be easily scaled across an organization.
  • Can also be used for team-building exercises, departmental meetings or corporate retreats.

If you’re a Learning & Development Professional, an Executive Coach or a seasoned Facilitator, you owe it to yourself to attend a session. The Peer Insight Training program is in high demand. And since the training is just $500 (which includes over $500 of materials to take home and implement right away), these events generally sell out.

 If you would like more information about our next session, email Rod Johnson at or call at 651-436-3962. Rod looks forward to seeing you at the next Peer Insight Certification Training – I know you’ll be able to leverage this tool in your current role.