Time is Valuable

The Corporate Retreat

Done well, they are a powerful tactic for turning your organization’s strategy into action. 

Done poorly, and they become a waste of money, credibility and worst of all, time.

To be effective, retreats need a catalyst. They need something that can:

  • Start and keep conversations on topics that matter
  • Cut through unimportant details and get to the heart of things  
  • Unearth thoughts and feelings that could derail successful strategy execution    

Growing your leaders has two tools to help you do just that:

Need a dialogue on talent development? Using the Growing Your Leaders book by Rod Johnson and its Talent Discussion Guide is a great way to do it. An engaging fable, it is an easy read for a plane ride or a lunch hour. The Talent Discussion Guide starts where the book left off by providing tools to identify the risks and take action.

The Peer Insight Tool takes the conversation away from the water cooler and puts it around the conference table.  It is a powerful resource for stimulating rich conversations about topics such as: employee engagement, alignment, trust, diversity or succession planning.

Time is valuable. Incorporate the tools from Growing Your Leaders into your meetings and retreats to get the most out of yours.

To learn more about how the Peer Insight Tool can help your organization, simply drop us a note at info@growingyourleaders.com or call us at 651-315-7775.

If you’re interested in becoming a licensed Peer Insight Implementer, send an email to rjohnson@growingyourleaders.com or click here for more information.