We Speak Millennial

Need translating between you and your Millennial employees? Let us help! 

Millennials have unique experiences and backgrounds that shape:

  • Who they are
  • How they behave
  • What they expect 

Understanding these nuances is critical to engaging, interacting and preparing them for the future.

There’s a question most organizations are asking themselves today, “How should we structure talent development initiatives for Millennial employees?” 

Here’s what we know: Millennials are socially oriented.  They learn best in settings where they’re able to learn from and challenge one another. When their style is embraced, learning tends to be efficient, effective and fun. When it is isn’t . . . well, we bet you already know how that story ends.

Do tools that leverage their learning style exist?

Fortunately, the Grow your Leaders’ Peer Insight tool speaks to Millennials. Peer Insight incorporates the social learning environment into every element of its program. “Millennial” isn’t a foreign language to us. It’s simply how we do business! 

Let us translate your business vision into bottom-line success by getting employees at all ages in your organization talking - and listening. To learn more about how the Peer Insight tool can help you Speak Millennial in your organization, simply drop us a note at info@growingyourleaders.com or call us at 651-315-7775.

If you’re interested in becoming a licensed Peer Insight Implementer, send an email to rjohnson@growingyourleaders.com or click here for more information.