Top 100 Speakers

Perspective is a unique attribute that every speaker brings to the stage. That unique view. That special insight. That distinguished voice of experience, possibly combined with a futuristic outlook. Audiences aren’t looking for a me-too, hum-drum presentation. They want it all!

As founder of Growing Your Leaders, a talent development firm, Rod Johnson is quickly becoming a voice people want to hear. Recently named by INC Magazine as one of the “100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference,” Rod joins a distinguished group of top leadership and thought leaders from around the globe. Rod brings insight from 30+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, a business leader and as a disruptor of the status quo. Yes, Rod has a lot of insight that can be brought to a small group or to the big stage.

In his talks, Rod connects the dots between research, experience and personal insight, which Rod refers to as the SpotLight perspective. Rod develops each presentation based on 3 – core tenets.

  1. Challenge - Audiences want to be challenged. Challenged about old ideas that once served their time. And they want to explore new trendy ideas.
  2. StickinessAudiences have access to thousands of presentations, in-person and online. Rod focuses on making his presentations “sticky” by incorporating audience participation and interaction into each program.
  3. Emotion - Ideas resonate when an emotional connection to an individual’s personal and professional life is present. It’s the “just like me”element where Rod connects with the emotions of the audience - opening up their hearts.

Rod’s programs generally focus on areas related to talent development, learning groups and training. He works closely with his clients to ensure that his presentations are on target and they create a positive impact before, during and after an event. Reach out to Rod today, and see what he can bring to your next meeting, workshop or panel discussion.

Contact Information:
Rod Johnson
Phone: 651-436-3962