Developing Soft Skills

Video Play ButtonWhy this program is relevant: Most employees are educated and trained with the technical or hard skills necessary to perform their roles, but important components like soft skills are often lacking. While soft skills may not be all that important in a specialist role, when individuals get promoted into management or leadership roles, soft skills become increasingly important to success. Unfortunately, these skills too often come up short, frequently derailing an individual’s career path. Possessing weak soft skills is one of the strongest potential derailers in an individual’s career, which makes it a huge risk inside every organization.

The Challenge: Developing Soft Skills in employees is a significant concern of most organizations, especially when it comes to developing future leaders. The track record for developing soft skills in most organizations has been inconsistent at best.

The Key Takeaways: Using juggling as a metaphor, Rod brings audience participation to the front of the stage - similar to that of a street actor. Be leveraging the juggling metaphor, the audience:

    • Investigates the fundamental differences between hard skills & soft skills,
    • Examines the various tools for developing hard skills and soft skills. Are they different? Are they effective?
    • Present 5-tools that can successfully leveraged to develop soft skills in any organization
    • Probes why it’s important to connect content to context when developing soft skills.

Developing Soft Skills in individuals with a hard skills mindset is one of the most challenging initiatives many organizations face. This program brings an interesting and visually engaging perspective to the audience.

Variations of this Program
             Why Leadership is Truly a Soft Skill

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