Group Coaching Perspective

Why this program is relevant: Over the past decade leadership coaching’s popularity has grown dramatically. For instance in a 2014 Chief Executive Magazine survey, participants cited coaching and mentoring as the No. 1 development opportunity offered to high potentials.

The Challenge: While demand is growing, organizations are increasingly becoming savvy buyers for coaching services, which is creating pricing pressure in parts of the marketplace. One option the industry is evaluating is the group coaching model.

Key Takeaways: Group Coaching addresses numerous challenges individual coaches and the industry are facing, including:

    1. Time for Money: Coaching operates under a professional services framework, where the coach is compensated financially for their time. This constraint limits the upside of what a coach can earn, and the impact they can make in an organization.
    2. Limited Funding: As demand for coaching services continues to increase, cost is becoming a significant issue inside many organizations. Cost constraints limit the number of individuals able to receive coaching services, despite significantly higher demand.
    3. Inconsistent Results: As an industry, executive coaching varies considerably from one coach to the next. This variability often leads to inconsistent results between clients, and potential dissatisfaction within an organization.

Group coaching when executed with the right focus and tools overcomes many of the challenges organizations face when delivering individual coaching services.

Summary: This presentation looks at the group coaching marketplace and a few of the challenges it faces. For instance, group coaching participants need a safe place where they’re able to discuss issues, feelings and challenges they never had the opportunity to confront before. This necessitates a more structured process, a process that ensures safety for its participants to explore and tackle issues, and an environment that encourages personal growth. It also explores why group coaching is a viable option for many organizations, and why it’s an attractive option for many coaches as well.

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