How to use SpotLight Cards like flashcards

FlashcardsSpotLight Card is a quick, easy and visual way of identifying priorities, challenges and opportunities. Plus, they’re great to use like flashcards. You know, those cards you used to memorize your multiplication tables in grade school. Except now, you can use them to prepare for an important meeting, for personal growth and host of other applications.

 Here a few suggestions:

Use SpotLight Cards for personal growth: The simple act of using flashcards for personal growth is time honored. Simply choose a SpotLight deck you’re committed to improving - i.e. Self-Awareness, Personal Values, Agility, etc. Then each day for 28 days thumb through each card in that deck, and identify 1 or 2 card statements that you want to focus on for the day – or maybe you want to focus on a card for a month. Read them out loud at least once a day and whenever you notice them - three times a day to start would be good. Keep that card(s) present and visible (maybe on a desk, a shirt pocket or other highly visible place). Repeat the process daily.

Use SpotLight cards as a way to identify areas you need to inquire into. Simply thumb through a SpotLight topic deck and note the cards of interest or concern. Identify these cards - then take appropriate next steps.

Use SpotLight cards as a pre-meeting tune-up. By simply going through the cards, you’ll be better prepared to bring up areas of concern and address issues that might be directed your way. Example: flipping through the Customer Service SpotLight deck prior to meeting with a Customer Service team.

Spotlight Card SalesUse SpotLight cards as a tool for reflection. Simply reflecting on how the week went is a powerful tool in your professional growth. It can also help set your intentions for the future.

Use SpotLight cards to prepare for a meeting. If you have several departments/work areas reporting to you. Spotlight Card is an excellent tool to prep for a meeting or strategy session. Plus, they will focus your thoughts.

Use SpotLight Card following a meeting. They’re great for helping spot areas that are on target and areas that need to be addressed in a follow-up session.

Use SpotLight cards in a consulting or coaching practice. They make an excellent checklist to leverage leading up to and following a meeting. 

And here are 3 – reasons why using SpotLight Cards as if they were flashcards are so effective.

  1. SpotLight Cards generate active recall: When you look at the backside of a SpotLight Card and think of the answer to a statement, you’re engaging a mental faculty known as active recall. Active recall has been proven to create stronger neuron connections for that memory trace. Oftentimes leading to new perspectives and ideas.
  2. SpotLight Cards generate focus: Heading into an important meeting? Do you have too many things on your mind? SpotLight Cards can provide you that quick energy boost by enabling you to refocus before heading into a meeting.
  3. SpotLight Cards are a method for self-reflection: The act of self-reflection enables you to cognitively connect the dots, thereby leading to deeper knowledge, personal insight and the potential for change. Plus, this also helps you prioritize next steps going forward.

 There you have it. How you can use SpotLight Card like you used flashcards in your youth. They’re fun. It’s a bit retro. And they’re highly effective. Try them today.

SpotLight Card

  • 30 cards per topic deck – i.e. each card has a topic related statement.
  • 40+ topic decks to choose from - i.e. Sales, Strategy, Talent Development, etc.
  • SpotLight Card is a great tool for Consultants, Coaches, C-Level Executives, Managers, Supervisors, Trainers, etc.
  • Cost Effective – just $49.00 per topic deck
  • New topic decks released regularly