SpotLight Card Q & A

SpotLight CardHow many cards are included in a Topic Deck: Each deck contains 30 statements related to an individual topic, which incorporates several topic related themes. For instance in the Customer Service SpotLight deck, the themes are:

    • How the organization interfaces with the customer (10)
    • How the organization remains relevant in the eyes of their customers (6)
    • The organization’s effectiveness at delivering against their promises (5)
    • How the organization adds value for its customers (5)
    • Misc. – pricing, training, etc. (4)

Utilizing this example, the Customer Service topic deck could be utilized in:

    • Customer Service strategy session
    • Customer Service training programs
    • Customer Service on-boarding programs
    • Leadership Team meetings
    • Group Coaching session

Each statement card is carefully worded and relevant across numerous domains inside an organization.

SpotLight CardHow many SpotLight Card decks are available: We have 20+ SpotLight decks available, with new topics added on a regular basis. The depth and breadth of the subject matter covered by SpotLight makes it extremely versatile. At present we have SpotLight Card decks related to:

    • Supply Chain (Logistics, Shipping & Receiving)
    • Learning & Development (Training Expectations, Outcomes & Feedback)
    • Sales & Marketing (including Marketoon)
    • Finance (Fraud & Leaving a Legacy)
    • Manufacturing (Projects, Innovation & I.T.)
    • Strategy (including Succession Planning)
    • Plus numerous topics related to soft skills like Communication.

Do I need to be certified or go through training to use SpotLight Card: No, training is not required. However, we encourage you to review the How to use the SpotLight Card deck directions.

Can Spotlight be combined with other training materials: Yes, SpotLight works extremely well when combined with other subject matter training materials – and is usually inserted on the backside of a training event.

Custom SpotLight Card decks available: Yes, depending on the subject matter and the amount of material furnished, the cost of a custom deck costs between $1,500 - $3,000.

Would SpotLight Card be appropriate for use at a Conference: Yes. A significant challenge every conference faces is “how to make the programs/presentations stick.” Using SpotLight following a keynote speaker or breakout session would help enhance the stickiness of any conference.